Unexpected Kindness: How Jesus Shows Us a Better Way to Engage the World


The Gospels depict a Jesus who engages sinners with undeserved and unexpected kindness, compassion, and mercy. What if Christians took his lead for how we engage the world in our day? What if, repenting of our self-righteous moral superiority we embraced our own need for God's grace as the defining truth of our lives? In these twelve studies in the Gospels, Unexpected Kindness will help you discover a life-altering theology of mission as well as real-life, practical applications for how to live as an ambassador of Jesus in a world desperate for grace. 

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  1. The Fundamental Requirement 
  2. Why Do Sinners Not Flock to the Church the Way They Ran to Jesus?
  3. Why do the Biggest Sinners Make the Best Missionaries? 
  4. What Does a Sinner Need to Hear After A Moral Train Wreck? 
  5. Are You Finally Sick Enough to Need Jesus?
  6. The Danger of Assuming Coverage
  7. The Problem with Religious Traditionalism 
  8. The Most Important Question a Human Can Ask
  9. Turning the Tables on Pass/Fail Religion
  10. My Need for a Good Samaritan
  11. Taking the Low Ground 
  12. When You Feel Lost, Do This

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Unexpected Kindness: How Jesus Shows Us a Better Way to Engage the World

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