Cross-Tethered Parenting (Study Course with Discussion Guide)


Cross-Tethered Parenting seeks to help parents move beyond behavior modification to gospel transformation by allowing the practical implications of the gospel to bear upon the specifics of rearing children in view of God's redemptive story.

Each purchase includes:

  • 15 short, individual online lessons.
  • Discussion questions for parents.
  • Lifetime product updates.

Topics include:

  1. The Goal of Cross-Tethered Parenting
  2. The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Children
  3. The Power of Parental Validation
  4. Five Affirmations of Grace
  5. An Easy Way to Share the Gospel with your Children
  6. The Centrality of Substitution
  7. What Every Child Needs to Hear from a Parent
  8. Shock-Proof Parenting
  9. The Organic Dynamic of Personal Change
  10. The Role of the Law in Cross-Tethered Parenting
  11. House Rules as Opportunities to Love
  12. The Parenting Pyramid
  13. Wearing Gospel Glasses
  14. Giving Up Hero Status
  15. The Kind of Confidence Your Kids Need (HINT: It's not Self-Esteem)

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Cross-Tethered Parenting (Study Course with Discussion Guide)

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