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I Am Not the Christ: Pastoral Identity in View of the Cross (Book, Online Lessons, Discussion Guide)


The book is now online with built-in discussion questions.

Pastors, you may now resign from playing the role of Jesus in your congregation.

And that's good news!

Find out why in I am Not the Christ: Pastoral Identity in View of the Cross.

Birthed from a combination of deep theological reflection and twenty-six years of pastoral experience as an assistant pastor, lead pastor, and church planter who served in large cities, suburbs, a farming community, and a small college town, I am Not the Christ is full of practical application that aims to give pastors renewed joy in their calling as ambassadors of grace by helping them tether all of life and ministry to the cross of the risen and reigning Jesus.

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What folks are saying...

"Wise, candid, and eminently readable. There is guidance here for every pastor." 

- Dr. DAN DORIANI, Professor of Biblical Theology at Covenant Seminary and Founder, Center of Faith and Work

"In this wonderful volume, McKay Caston has done something very similar to what John Newton did for his fellow ministers. I pray that McKay's good and faithful work will have a similar impact on you and countless others."

- SCOTT SAULS, Senior Pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, TN, and author of several books, including Jesus Outside the Lines and Beautiful People Don't Just Happen

"The journey McKay describes with much personal reflection will renew the hearts of pastors and bless those whose Savior is the only Christ."

- Dr. BRYAN CHAPELL, President Emeritus, Covenant Theological Seminary, Stated Clerk for the Presbyterian Church in America, and author of Christ-Centered Preaching

"A must read for pastors!"

- JEFF NORRIS, Senior Pastor, Perimeter Church

"We need to read, and re-read, and recommend this book."

- Dr. JIMMY AGAN, Intown Community Church

"Practical insight into the life and struggles of pastoral ministry... I heartily endorse this hands-on resource!”

- STU BATSTONE, Gospel Menor with Serge


  1. A Personal Note
  2. A Five-Word Pastoral Manifesto
  3. Removing the Weight of Saul’s Armor
  4. Identifying Your Unique Design
  5. The Cure for Pastor Guilt
  6. A New Pastoral Resume 
  7. You Don’t Have to Fake It Anymore
  8. Living as a Son Before Serving as a Pastor
  9. How to Cope When People Leave the Church You Lead 
  10. Responding to Criticism
  11. Living within Limits
  12. How Can a Pastor Have a Genuine Devotional Life? 
  13. It’s Monday and You Want to Quit 
  14. The Kind of Leaders Churches Need
  15. Defining Faithful Pastoral Ministry 
  16. Practicing a Three-Ringed Sabbath

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I Am Not the Christ: Pastoral Identity in View of the Cross (Book, Online Lessons, Discussion Guide)