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15-Minute Family Time: A Cross-Tethered Devotional Experience


15-Minute Family Time: A Cross-Tethered Devotional Experience


15-Minute Family Time

Equipping parents to disciple their children with distinctively cross-tethered (non-moralistic) devotional lessons designed to help the entire family come alive to the wonder, beauty, and transforming power of God’s grace in Jesus.

For a limited time, we are offering 15-Minute Family Time at no cost for folks to try out and submit feedback.

At check out, just input "$0" when asked for "a fair price." 🙂

Eventually, 15MFT will be a subscription product that will release a new lesson for your family every week that includes a lesson video, discussion guide, transcript, and suggested prayer.

Do you struggle with family devotions?

As a father, even as a pastor-dad who now teaches seminary, I struggled, too.

I needed something easy-to-lead that was short enough to hold attention, but substantive enough to make a real difference.

Another challenge I faced is that much of the material available was moralistic. I found it hard to find distinctively grace-driven curriculum that recognized we not only are saved by grace through faith but also are changed by grace though faith as we continue to live in conscious union with Christ, abiding in the Vine as the source of our justification... and our sanctification.

That is why I created 15-Minute Family Time.

Designed for parents who want to see their children come alive to the wonder, beauty, and transforming power of God's grace in Jesus, 15-Minute Family time is designed to be an engaging discipleship resource for all ages.

Here is my family now, left to right: my youngest (18), yours truly, my wife, Kristy, my tallest (24), and my eldest (26).

How does 15MFT work?

Each lesson begins with a short (3-5 minute) video that introduces a specific Bible text, topic, or theme with a short story or illustration, priming the pump for family discussion.

After the video, I sign off and the family facilitator (Mom, Dad, or anyone in the family) simply follows the built-in discussion guide that is geared to helping the family process the biblical truth described in the video—with each lesson tethered to the reconciling, redeeming love of God expressed in the cross of Jesus.

In fact, at some point in every lesson, the family puts on “gospel glasses” to make sure we see Jesus clearly as Savior, Lord, and Treasure.

After fifteen minutes, you may close the family time with your own prayer or the one provided with the lesson.

Can you go longer than fifteen minutes?

Sure! But at least you have tracks to run on for some focused devotional family time that is not moralistic but...

  • Bible-based,
  • Jesus-focused, and
  • distinctively cross-tethered.

The plan is to gather your family to WATCH a brief lesson together, DISCUSS the lesson using the built-in discussion guide, and PRAY together (use your own or the included closing prayer) as you GROW in gospel wonder together.

Did you notice the simple formula?

  • Watch
  • Discuss
  • Pray
  • Grow

Fifteen minutes at a time.

Of course, you may go for longer than fifteen minutes.

But can you imagine the impact of even fifteen minutes together on a regular basis to engage as a family with easy to us, engaging content this is Bible-based, Jesus-focused, and cross tethered?

Use 15MFT in the morning before school, after dinner... or anytime you have fifteen minutes!

However you use it, my prayer is that this will be a helpful tool for discipling your family in the gospel. 

I look forward to hearing how 15MFT blesses your family. 🙏

Yours, by grace alone,
Dr. McKay Caston

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